Knauf UP210 Basecoat

Knauf UP210 Basecoat

Item no. CRT9388
Knauf UP210 for use on medium density blockwork greater than 7N. Can also be used on previously primed lightweight blockwork. Yield 1.2/m2 at 15mm thick

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Capillary water absorption: W 2
Coverage kg/m2 15.4; 30.8
Coat thickness mm 10.0; 20.0
Grading mm 1.0 mm
Thermal conductivity (10°C, dry) λ W/(m•K) <= 0.47 W/(m·K), for P=50%, <= 0.54 W/(m·K), for P=90%
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ: 10
Dynamic elastic modulus: N/mm2 5900
Compressive strength: N/mm2 3.5
Tensile bending strength: N/mm2 1.8
Bulk density: kg/dm3 1.5
Coverage m2/bag; m2/tonne 2.0/ 65.0; 1.0/ 32.5

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Knauf UP210 Basecoat